by The Meta

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released February 4, 2013



all rights reserved


The Meta Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Meta is... Stephen Bruning, Brian Chase, MK McNulty, and Jason Beat

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Track Name: Good To Be Here
Isn't it good to be here,
Isn't it good to be here
Look around your world,
you finally see so clear
Isn't it good to be here

Some people live their lives without a thought
Some people don't realize just what they've got
Lost chances, do you hear the words you say
I don't think we were better off that way


Is there something more to using all our time
All these wasted moments, do they mount up to a crime
Does it seem that things here could not be much worse
I just need to look outside my tiny universe


There are days I feel like putting this aside
Take a look around and just enjoy the changing tide
There are days I think I've figured it all out
I close my eyes, throw down my arms and give a shout
Track Name: The Lonely City Blues
caffeine, nicotine & thc
wakin' up is not easy for me
caffeine, nicotine & thc
the "hippy speedball" is the one for me

see you waitin' for the train
and I think I might wanna know your name
instead I'm always too damn shy
in a car by myself, my jaguar beside

caffeine, nicotine & thc
wakin' up is not easy for me
caffeine, nicotine & thc
the "hippy speedball" is the one for me

spot you sittin' at the coffee shop
and I think I like your glasses a lot
alone again I set up my pc
and all the day-glo apples keep starin' at me

caffeine, nicotine & thc
wakin' up is not easy for me
caffeine, nicotine & thc
the "hippy speedball" is the one for me

well this city gets rough
but I know that I'm made from stronger stuff
so I'll wait, and if the mood should strike
you'll be the first to know

and I'll say: "Hey, hey!"

caffeine, nicotine & thc
wakin' up is not easy for me
caffeine, nicotine & thc
the "hippy speedball" is the one for me

but caffeine, nicotine & thc
just don't do it all for me
I want someone to call my love
it's you if you think that it could be
Track Name: The Thought
I had a thought in my head
how strange a thought really is

and the thought was set in motion
like a wave across the ocean
and it moves and swells 'til it's all I can see

and it all seems so easy, doesn't it?

I had a thought in my head
and if you had thoughts in your head
you would just stop pretending

'cause you might choose to ignore it
or to feel it's not your burden
oh, but that is not what I intend to do

and it all could be so easy if you just let it
Track Name: My Eyes
My eyes and I'm over-thinking, my life and it's caught me blinking
We're all making big decisions, spinning down into cult religions
My life and I'm going under, the sound of your heartbeat drowns out the thunder
We've gone in a new direction, breaking ahead of this old deception

I've been looking to your concerns and hoped that something that I had learned
Led me back into peaceful thinking instead of a shipwreck ans slowly sinking
This hopeless dogma that you've been teaching and cramming your head with that nonsense teaching
Maybe someday you'll come around, but me I know what I have found


In its natural evolution, we will come to a solution
And in time this selfish living, always taking and never giving
Will be eclipsed by the realization of something that's higher than one man's nation
Or one man's narrow philosophy, embracing the larger reality
Track Name: Causeway (at High Tide)
life can get so fucked
a stroke of bad luck
but sometimes you just gotta keep movin' on
and what took me so long?
been playin' these songs
over & over to kick-start my inspiration
whether livin' at home or livin' out on your own
it doesn't matter
we all feel suffocated sometimes
and we only smoke cigarettes
because we wanna have control
over a little of the poison we are fed

that's just the way it goes sometimes

when I was young I was a shotgun
shooting my rhetoric at anyone I saw
now I smoke cannabis and trippin', hell, I never miss
'cause it makes me question what I've been told
I'm a little bit older, a little bit wiser
and I like to wear my darkness on my sleeve
'cause it's the pain in our own dark pasts
that truly connects us all

that's just the way it goes sometimes

they've always said we were wrong
but we just got crushed under their iron fist
we always knew we were strong
and we will live this way 'til our dying breath
this movement's hip-to-hip, shoulder-to-shoulder
just let them try and stand in our way
'cause when they fall, and they will fall
we will scream this anthem at the top of our lungs

and the people cry: "revolution is on it's way"

that's just the way it goes sometimes
Track Name: Let it Breathe
Well it's taken a long time, a place I've never seen
And I've got something that's on my mind, and I'm going to believe

We let it breathe, we let it breathe
Let it breathe

Hardly happens in a lifetime for people demonstrating peace
But pointless politics and endless climbs, it never ends there's no relief